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Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Magical moment

Is it real that there is a magical moment in which we are ready for change?
I guess yes but our main problem that we waste our time blaming others, life,people, government any out escapes that take us away from that moment .
We keep delay and delay the change especially in bad habits always saying we will start from tomorrow and when tomorrow comes we say no no we will start from next week then next month then next year and finally we found ourselves in a wide circle never end and just being inside it makes us feel unhappy,uncomfortable, and always in need for many things .
In my opinion if you keep waiting for the magical moment it will never come but the good news is that you can bring it to your life only by making it easier for yourself you have big dreams so take only one small step towards it . You want to stop smoking start reducing your daily amount of nicotine. You want to lose 20kg start only to lose 2kg and for me I'm dreaming to be a great programmer and making profitable business on the web one day so I started to use the blogger as my first small step .
Thank you for reading this wish to see your comments as a helpful tool for me to increase the value of the content and work over my mistakes.


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