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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

7 steps for changing your career

7 steps for changing your career  

7 steps for changing your career

Many people don't like their career and want to change it for different reasons like passion,earning more money, more freedom etc. So for those people here are seven steps will be helpful to be able to make this change easily.

1- Why do you want to change your career ?:

 yes its question you should ask to yourself . be honest with your answer it will be more effective if you write it down and read it with good thinking maybe you figure out you only need to change the place you work in not the full career itself but the most important thing you will get benefit from this point is to stand on how much time you can afford your current career and how much money you need to be ready for the change.

2- Never say you don't have enough time:

 Start working on your new career by having knowledge about it from books or news and keep updated with any new things about it also use search engines such as google for same purpose . give yourself at least one hour daily for new career study its easy and more helpful.

3- Don't  take other people's  opinion:

It's your life no one else will live it or decide in it but only you so be aware that words are not always have benefits sometimes it can kill the hope and passion   inside you and for the idea of changing your career especially after spending long time in it will find more votes for fear from it than any votes for encouraging you to take this step that's why it's much better to keep your decision as secret inside you.

4- Use social networks:

Try to meet and build friendships with people working in the new career you want as there are alot of communities made for each career you can find good notes and make the most reality evaluation for this career .

5- invest in yourself :

After you have the full picture of your new career and you still have the same spirit and passion for it start taking courses or attend workshops which are required in the new career .

6- Apply for jobs in your new career:

Once you feel you have the required elements for your new career start applying for jobs in this career and make interviews until you get the job in the career you want .

7- leave your old career now safely :

now you have passed the way to the place you want you can leave your job or your old career feeling free and losing nothing but winning more . don't be afraid if its less salary or less position than your old one be sure that your passion,happiness and comfort will make you more satisfied with your new place and will make you reach the higher .

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